My Story

NHLAB, Short for Namir’s horology Lab (shortened itself for collaboration) is a company and vision founded on the passion of one man’s love of unique and beautiful, yet functional watches. 

My name is Namir and beyond my formal education (a published researcher with a masters in Geochemistry with a focus on Laser ablation) I have over 6 years’ experience in the watchmaking field with 3 of those years spent working in two watch and jewellery stores (including a Seiko Authorized dealer) doing service and repair while apprenticing under two different third generation watchmakers. This hands-on experience in a retail setting in conjunction with my own passion for tinkering and obsessive nature over things I am passionate about gives me a unique edge in both talent, training and attention to details.

Between the proper professional training and professional grade tools used here, you will find that the quality of work matches the aesthetic. 

Beyond myself however, the LAB in NHLAB signifies collaboration and that includes other talented artist, designers and engineers needed to produce unique and bespoke builds. From hand painted dials, laser engraved dials and casebacks, bespoke handmade leather bands, etc. We pair with other equally obsessive and talented creators to bring you the best components available to set your build apart. 

The other and most important part of the puzzle and reason behind the name lab is YOU. Without the client bringing their unique vision or taste to the table, none of this would be possible. Your individual likes and dislikes is what pushes me and my creativity outside of its normal bounds and preferences and allows me to explore designs that I would love to create, but might not necessarily be my style or would have thought of. For this reason, I consider myself an artist and what I do here to be art and treat it as such.