Below are answers to some of the most frequently asked questions we receive.  If you have further questions and inquiries, please contact us via the contact button at the top of the page or email to info@nhorologylab.com

How does one order a custom commission or modification? 

For full ground up custom commissions the ordering process is straight forward. Start by using the contact button to initiate communication with us and we will reach out to discuss and design your build. Keep in mind you can have as much or as little hand in the design and parts choice as you like or feel comfortable with. Differing some of the design to the expert eye and knowledge of options of our lead designer never hurts however. Once the design is finalized an itemized quote outlining parts and labour cost will be sent for your approval. Once a security deposit is put down, your spot on our books will be secured and parts will be ordered. The remaining balance and shipping cost are not due until completion of the watch prior to shipping.

I see a design on your page I like, can you remake it? Can I alter the design?

The answer to this question will vary. Most designs can be replicated identically or with changes of your choosing to suit your taste, which is encouraged. Some designs, either by virtue of parts availability (vintage restomod builds in particular) are not possible to replicate due to scarcity of the required parts. Other builds may be bespoke upon the clients request and will not be copied identically, Although subtle variations can be made to preserve the aesthetic while maintaining exclusivity for both parties.

How long does a custom commission take?

Typical turnaround time from deposit date to date of shipment is quoted at 4 weeks as parts are ordered from a variety of suppliers and can take time to arrive. The true turnaround time is a week from when all parts are on hand. Any unforeseen delays will be communicated with the client.

How are the watches shipped?

All completed watches are securely and safely packed in both a presentation box and shipping box and sent by FEDEX PRIORITY with full insurance. Typical shipping times within North America are arrival by the next day and a 3-5 days for Europe and Asia. However, Due to ongoing logistical issues surrounding the COVID-19 Pandemic, no logistics carriers, including FEDEX will guarantee shipping times/windows.  Clients are responsible for and should be aware of any possible import charges/tariffs they can incur.

Do I need to provide anything?

Other than a rough idea of what you like and the funds necessary to purchase the build, No!  No parts or watch need be provided on your end. We will source all the necessary components and the donor watch on your behalf (should the design require one; although not all do) to simplify the process for all parties involved. If you would prefer to send us your donor watch and even all the parts and merely have us assemble it, that is also an option.

How is payment processed?

Payment can be processed by Paypal for all international clients and EMT (INTERAC) E-transfer for Canadian clients in $CAD. Payment through Shopify is also available and accepts all major credit cards. Payments made by Paypal will  have the 4% Paypal fees added to the total.

Do you offer a warranty period? 

Both full ground up builds and watch modifications will have a 12-month warranty from the date of shipment. This covers all internal work and operation. Cosmetic damage and wear & tear as well as damage caused by user negligence will not be covered under warranty.

That being said however, each and every one of these watches is one of our babies in a way and we would much rather see them out in the wild being used than sitting in a drawer disused collecting dust. As such we work with each and every client and go above and beyond the call of duty to ensure your watch is working well and you are happy. 

Are the watches waterproof?

As we always say, what good is a dive watch that can't get wet? As such, all watches are tested in a three-step process including ultrasonication, condensation testing and wet pressure testing (to 6 ATM) to ensure all seals and gaskets are functioning correctly and the water resistance of the case is maintained. Keep in mind, certain components such as leather bands may not be waterproof and harsh environments such as hot and humid spas, hot tubs and saunas can introduce humidity into the watch. 

In our personal experience and testing however, our watches perform well in all these settings, but common good practice for any watch, dive watch or not (regardless of depth rating), is to avoid hot/humid environments.

Keep in mind that water resistance is only possible if the screw down crown is properly and fully secured.

Are the watches regulated?

All watches are precision regulated for both beat rate and beat error in order to ensure as optimal timekeeping as possible. This is done through the use of both a timegrapher and observation over the testing period prior to shipping.

Do you sell any watches already assembled ready to go?

Due to everyone’s taste being different we tend to avoid having a stock of assembled watches ready to ship. The exception to that being between 1-2 showpieces made completely of own design released for sale per month to keep some creative freedom as well as push boundaries and execute my own creative visions. These showpieces tend to be sold within the day however so follow the page to keep up to date on their release.